How does prostatitis affect a man's sex life?

Prostatitis is always associated with very unpleasant sensations for a man - problems with urination, unstable erection, etc. The quality of life with inflammation of the prostate is seriously deteriorating. When the problems that have arisen continue to compel the visit to the urologist, the subject of the patient's sexual life is not always considered. In fact, sex with prostatitis is often associated with various types of erection disorders, which is why many patients do not try to have sex at all. But in some cases, the problems are not so pronounced, the patient remains sexually active, so the joys of sexual life are not alien to him. Is it possible to have sex with inflammation of the gland, or are such pleasures still prohibited?

Sex life of a man with prostatitis.

The prostate and its role in a man's life.

To begin with, it is worth understanding the importance of the prostate in the life of any man. The prostate is the most important organ in the body. With its defeat, male infertility and even oncology can develop. Therefore, it is important to maintain health in general and the organ in particular, which will allow a man to maintain energy and sexual life until old age. This chestnut-shaped organ is located in front of the rectum below the bladder and surrounds the urinary canal.

The prostate consists of glandular tissues that produce prostatic juice and muscular structures that cause this secret to move along the glandular ducts, thereby eliminating the likelihood of congestion and thus preventing the development of inflammatory processes in the gland. prostate. The body performs three important functions:

  1. Engine. Muscular structures are located between the prostatic lobes, due to the contraction of which urine is retained during an active erection and sperm ejection. If the work of the prostate is disturbed, erection and urinary problems appear. It is on this basis that doctors often determine that it is the motor prostate activity that is disturbed.
  2. Secretory. It consists in the production of a special secret that contains many bioactive enzymatic substances such as cholesterol and proteolytes, biogenic amines and phospholipids, citrate citrate and zinc. This secret creates a breeding ground for sperm when they are expelled with semen during ejaculation. Total secretion production is controlled by testosterone, which is produced in the testes and adrenal glands.
  3. Barrier. Prostatic juice contains many enzymatic substances and polyanes, which prevent the penetration of infectious agents into the urinary tract.

Simply put, the prostate is responsible for potency and other functions that ensure the exchange of sexual hormonal substances, which has a positive effect on sexual life and the health of the genitourinary system. The work of the entire male reproductive system depends on the activity of the gland. According to the scientific classification, the prostate functions are divided into three main areas, but in reality there are many more. Therefore, even a slight deviation in the work of the gland can have quite serious consequences.

What are the dangers of prostate pathology?

Many men do not take prostate pathologies seriously enough. Meanwhile, inflammatory lesions of the prostate cannot be ignored, as they are a trigger for the development of dangerous genitourinary pathologies. Statistics show that after 45, in the absence of preventive measures, every second man shows signs of inflammatory processes in the prostate tissues. Furthermore, in 50% of these patients, chronic and advanced prostatitis is detected during diagnosis.

The consequence of prostatitis can be the lack of erectile function in a man

The need for treatment of prostatitis is due to the high risk of complications. First of all, this is a noticeable decrease in erectile functions and sexual desire, lack of erection. Almost all prostate and genitourinary pathologies are accompanied by similar symptoms. If a man avoids sexual intercourse, the development of prostate inflammation can be suspected, especially in the absence of a morning erection and frequent urination at night.

Second, untreated prostatitis can be complicated by the chronicity of the inflammatory process and its extension to other pelvic structures such as the urethra, seminal vesicles, or testicles. Also, the lack of therapy for prostatitis can lead to sepsis and abscesses of the prostate tissues, sclerotic processes in the prostate. Also, neglect of treatment is dangerous for the development of erectile dysfunction, infertility, and even malignant tumor lesions in the gland.

Loving males should be especially careful, because the presence of an inflammatory process indicates the presence of pathogenic microorganisms that caused it. Frequent change of sexual partners threatens the development of genital infections, which further provoke inflammation of the prostate. And multiple pathogenic microorganisms such as chlamydia and mycoplasmosis, streptococci or staphylococci, trichomonas or gardnerella will be much more difficult to destroy. Therefore, especially promiscuous men for the prevention of prostate pathologies and sexually transmitted diseases, it is necessary to use barrier contraceptive methods.

Partner prostatitis is also dangerous for women, because after sexual intercourse, the inflammatory process can pass to the mucosa of the woman's urethra, and then to the bladder, causing cystitis after sex. Therefore, the pathology cannot be ignored.

prostatitis and sex

Most patients doubt whether it is possible to have sex with prostatitis. The question is ambiguous.

Experts say that with prostatitis, some abstinence is necessary in terms of sexual pleasures, but at the same time, regular sexual intimacy is important. These recommendations are mutually exclusive, but they have a place to be.

As you know, an excellent prevention of prostate congestion is glandular massage. And the best massage is sexual intercourse, during which ejaculation occurs, accompanied by contractions of the glandular and pelvic muscles. As a result, the accumulated secret is expelled from the gland along with the ejaculate, and in the small pelvis there is an increased blood flow, which contributes to the accelerated removal of decomposition products. Therefore, sexual intimacy contributes to the normalization of prostate activity.

A man with prostatitis while maintaining an erection is recommended to have sexual intercourse

If we consider the problem from the side of the dynamics of the pathological process, then it is clear that the sexual abstinence shown by the specialist, most likely, on the contrary, will lead to a worsening of the patient's pathological condition. It turns out that sex is useful. Practice shows that it is impossible to solve the problem of congestive prostatic phenomena only with the help of drugs, even if they are super effective. It is necessary to conduct deep prostate massage course sessions, that is, in fact, having sex treats prostatitis. Men should remember that the lack of demand for the glandular organ, that is, prolonged sexual abstinence will inevitably lead to stagnation, which will only aggravate the inflammatory state of the prostate.

Therefore, prostatitis and sex are completely compatible conditions, but the stage of the pathological process and the degree of its severity are important, because in some forms of prostatitis, sex can be harmful, therefore it is contraindicated. Also, sometimes the illness is so severe that the man is physically unable to fulfill his marital duties. Therefore, in each individual case, consultation with a urologist is necessary.

How does prostatitis affect sexual life?

Inflammatory lesions of the prostate occur in 30-40% of men between 25 and 45 years of age, and young patients with a similar pathology are becoming more frequent. Some experts suggest that the development of prostatitis is facilitated by insufficiently regular sexual life of patients, which is somewhat true. With regular sexual intimacy, the functionality of the male genital structures has a beneficial effect, and the hormonal state is restored. But excessive activity or insufficient sexual contacts can provoke the development of an inflammatory lesion of the prostate tissues. Against the background of rare sexual contacts, stagnation of the prostate and pelvic structures in general is possible.

  • Stagnation of prostatic secretion and blood flow contribute to the development of infectious pathologies and the chronicity of the acute prostatic process.
  • But excessive sexual activity can also lead to the development of prostate inflammation, especially if a man changes partners too often.
  • Such activity in sex is associated with a high risk of transmission of infections that can provoke the development of prostatitis.

It affects the probability of developing prostatitis and the quality of sexual intimacy. In the process of sexual arousal, blood flow in the pelvis increases, blood rushes to the genitals and prostate. When an orgasm occurs, the contractions of the gland begin, with the help of which it removes excess blood in the vascular channels. Therefore, full-fledged sexual intimacy is a kind of preventive method against the development of inflammatory lesions in the gland. This shows that it is possible to have sex in the treatment of prostatitis. It only matters how. Interrupted or too long sexual contact, on the contrary, increases the probability of inflammation of the prostate.

Unfortunately, prostate pathologies are accompanied by serious sexual disorders. To understand how prostatitis affects sexual life, it is enough to look at the possible complications of the pathology, among which erectile dysfunction, that is, impotence, is quite common. Half of prostate patients have erectile disorders and weakening of the erection of varying severity. And 25% of patients have problems in the form of reduced libido and sexual desire. Such changes negatively affect the quality of sexual and personal life of patients. As a result of the erection problems that have arisen, almost all men note a decrease in the frequency of sexual intercourse due to prostatitis. As a result, relations with a sexual partner worsen and even stop.

Against the background of sexual problems that have arisen, psychological ones also develop, according to statistics, in 75% of patients with prostatitis there is such a symptom as a psychological burden. This condition occurs under the influence of various factors, such as chronic pain during urination, erection and ejaculation, which leads to subconscious limitation of sexual intercourse.

Treatment of prostatitis with sex.

So, it was said earlier that sex life with prostatitis is only welcome, but you should not abuse such recommendations, otherwise treatment can be harmful. Here, as with taking medication, the dosage and treatment regimen are important. Therefore, the treatment of prostatitis with sex requires compliance with certain rules.

  1. For starters, it's worth learning that sexual intimacy should be regular. Regularity here does not mean a lot of sex. Intimacy should take place in conditions of moderate intensity, so as not to provoke additional violations and not to cause even more damage to an already damaged inflamed prostate. The duration of such treatment does not influence, the main thing is that each contact ends with the obligatory ejaculation. In the presence of chronic inflammation, patients often worry about pain, in such a situation it is necessary to give up sexual pleasures for a while. If the patient is not averse to intercourse even in the presence of pain, it is recommended to use barrier methods of contraception. This is necessary in order to avoid the transmission of pathogenic microflora to the sexual partner.
  2. Therefore, patients can have sexual intercourse, but a mandatory requirement for a sexual life with prostatitis is monogamy: a partner for sexual intercourse must be alone. Such a requirement is due to the individual microflora of each person, therefore, when changing sexual partners, unwanted contact with various microbes occurs. Although they are not pathogenic in nature, they can still lead to complications of the inflammatory process, since it is difficult for the affected gland to fight foreign microorganisms.
  3. If a partner has anal sex, then it is necessary to use a condom, because the partner's rectum also has its own microflora, which, if it penetrates through the urethra into the prostate tissues, can lead to various complications.

Prostatitis cannot be eliminated by medication alone, it requires stimulation and massage of the prostate tissues, which can be achieved through regular sexual intimacy.

Prevention of prostatitis

Sex is a very effective remedy not only in the treatment of prostatic congestion and inflammation, but also in the prevention of these conditions. What is the preventive benefit of sexual intimacy? In the process of sexual contact, a powerful analgesic substance is released in the male body, which helps to cope with uncomfortable and painful sensations. If the excruciating pain interferes with a normal and satisfying sex life, about half an hour before intimacy, you can take painkillers to make love freely.

If a patient has prostatitis of bacterial origin, prostate massage is contraindicated. In this situation, regular sex will help to cope with congestive prostatic phenomena and stimulate the secretion of prostatic juice.

If a man regularly has sexual intercourse with a partner, then he will not encounter such a pathological condition as prostatitis, provided that there is no other impact on the prostate gland or nearby pelvic structures. According to statistics, the probability of developing a prostate with regular sexual activity is greatly reduced. If a man has already revealed acute prostatic inflammation, then with the help of regular sexual intercourse he will prevent the degeneration of an acute form of pathology into a chronic one.

When diagnosing prostatitis, a man must strictly monitor his lifestyle and his sexual partners. Treatment must be prescribed by a specialist. In sexual life, it is better to concentrate on a woman, then regular sex will speed up recovery, prevent the development of prostate complications, and save the patient from engorgement in the glandular tissues.